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Healthy Schools

Cwmaber Infants School is a Healthy School 


In March 2017, we achieved the National Quality Award (NQA) for Healthy Schools, becoming only the 6th school in Caerphilly to gain the award! Schools that achieve the NQA are implementing wellbeing initiatives at the very highest level.


The Lead Assessor noted the following:


"There can be no doubt that Cwmaber Infants School is a healthy school and fully deserving of its National Quality Award. Health and wellbeing and the healthy schools concept are fully embedded into school life and culture. The school is inclusive in character and welcoming in nature."


"Headteacher Mrs Price provides strong and consistent leadership that places health and wellbeing at the heart of Cwmaber Infants School. The healthy schools co-ordinators, Miss Davies and Mrs Cribb excellently co-ordinate, facilitate and lead the healthy schools process."


"The school environment is very attractive and well cared for. This is evident from the moment a person enters the school grounds, where they will immediately see well-maintained flower beds, crisp bright paintwork and playground equipment. The interior of the school is colourful and orderly and a very pleasant environment. The school colours are a theme throughout the building and external areas, helping to create the ‘brand’ of Cwmaber Infants School."


"The display boards around the school are outstanding in terms of the breadth of topics covered"


"One of the notable features of the NQA visit was the positive affirmation by parents / carers of the ways in which their active engagement in the life of the school was encouraged and enabled." 


"Health and Safety is given high priority and Mr Furtek, Business Manager carries out Health and Safety inspections on a regular basis. It is very positive to report that Cwmaber Infants School has the highest compliance rate, according to RAMIS the Health and Safety monitoring system, of any school in the borough."

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