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Distance Learning

Blended/Distance Learning at Cwmaber Infants

We want to ensure that the children receive a blend of learning which includes face to face sessions with their teachers at school and on line learning at home, with parental /adult support.

Supporting children and parents to work in this way will ensure that we are all prepared for changes to school learning that could be imposed on us due to the Coronavirus.

As you are aware, children and adults who have been in contact with a person with a confirmed case of COVID 19, need to self- isolate for 14 days. This means that children and staff might have to isolate at any time during the year. We want to minimise the impact that this could have on the learning, so we want to ensure that practises are fully embedded in anticipation of this scenario.

We have a range of on line learning programmes for pupils, which can be accessed at school and home. These are monitored by the teachers. So we can see the usage and progress of each child. They earn points, gold bars and earn certificates.


Tier 1

This can be used if your child is absent from school for a short period of time. Your child can access a range of programs to support their learning which supplements their school learning

The programs are:

Mathletics (A personalised maths program)

Lexia Core 5 ( A personalised reading program)

Purple Mash (A personalised learning platform including reading, writing, ICT, maths, science, art, music, humanities, etc. This also allows pupils and teachers to communicate and give feedback).

HWB- this allows children to access a range of resources and games, including JIT (a painting, writing, graphing, coding program)

Your child should have a “Learning Passport” showing their login details for these programs. If you do not have these details, please contact the school or the class teacher.


Tier 2

If your child has to self- isolate or is absent from school for any length of time, they can access a simple plan of the learning for the week ahead, so that you are able to support your child. We will try to share as many resources as many possible, linked to the plan. This will be on the school website under “Children”- Distance learning- Their class- The corresponding week.

Teachers set 2DO activities on Purple mash on a weekly basis. The learning log will also be set as a 2DO.


Tier 3

If the whole class has to self-isolate, or if the school has to close then a plan will be available for all children to access, with resources and links.



We will also be sending a link to a questionnaire to ask for your feedback on home learning. Please take the time to complete this as it will help us to support you.


Using Gaming Devices to Access Home Learning